Ricavi Media is a Kolkata based digital marketing agency that offers customized, result-oriented marketing strategies and solutions to its clients. It helps them create an impact on their audience. Digital Marketing is the future of Branding and comes with a lot of privileges, that traditional marketing lacked for a big time.

Today we have Mr. Shadab Rahman, with us to share his journey with Ricavi Media.

1. Give us a brief about you, your team, and your startup.

Since the days of my A-Levels, I always had an interest in marketing. I loved how ideas and strategies played such an important role in selling a product and I knew that Marketing is what I want to do. During Graduation, one of my friends introduced me to this concept of Marketing over the Internet. I did a lot of research and then got to know how this could be so helpful to all the Small and Medium Businesses who don’t have the budget to go ahead with Traditional Marketing like TV advertisements or billboards. So, after working with various Brands and Start-Ups, I decided to start my own agency Ricavi Media – a Digital Marketing agency that focuses on providing result-oriented marketing strategies and solutions to our clients.

Ricavi, is an Italian term that means ‘incoming’ or ‘to obtain’. So as the name suggests, we plan to assist our clients to get more sales and obtain their revenue goals.

The USP of our agency is the bonding with the client companies that helps the entire team to understand the targets and the expectations of the client and execute them effectively.

We have been able to work with some really good people till now with the help of a lovely team where everyone is focused on providing their best to the client. They all understand the vision of Ricavi Media and work unanimously towards it.

2. What is the story behind your startup?

I always had a penchant for digital marketing and wanted to build a career in it. So, I started working at a Digital Marketing Agency, where I came up with many ideas to promote the client’s brand, however, those ideas were not used as they weren’t handling those platforms for the clients and I always believed that if something can provide results, we would be crazy not to milk it. Also, the hefty monthly retainer charged by the agencies made me realize the responsibility we have towards our client. I understood that digital marketing is the future of Branding, and comes with a lot of privileges that traditional marketing lacked for a big time. This is when I decided to start my own marketing agency, Ricavi Media.

3. When did you start? How has the journey been so far?

Ricavi media was launched in November 2019 and since then, the journey of this start-up so far has been a roller coaster ride. I remember that when I was an employee, I used to feel tired after coming back home. However now when I am the Founder, I sometimes work all night, and even then, I don’t feel tired because this is something that I love to do. Along with my team, I work responsibly to make sure that Ricavi Media can work with as many businesses as it can and assist them to grow digitally.

4. How did you fund your startup? Also, list out if you have raised any funding so far.

Ricavi Media was started by my savings. We never went for funding because we got our first client from Day 1 of starting the agency and we have always been in the profit side, so I never thought of going for funding.

5. How has the business scaled in the last one year? Please support with numbers if possible.

Ricavi has been getting a good response from the clients ever since it started its operations. It has had the opportunity to work with various brands across the country, in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Jodhpur. Recently, Ricavi went international, working with clients from Cape Town, Bangkok, Pattaya, and Dubai.

6. How do you differentiate from your competitors?

I believe the USP of our agency is the bonding with the client companies which helps the entire team to understand the targets and the expectations of the client and execute them effectively.
We believe in growing along with our clients.

7. What impact has your product/service created in society?

Since we started, Ricavi Media has helped many small and medium businesses that needed proper marketing strategies and executions, in establishing authority and expanding their business online.

8. What have been the key challenges so far?

The Pandemic had been the biggest challenge we had to face. We just started to grow during the month of February and March and then came the Covid-19 because of which we lost a few of our clients. However, we decided to go back to the drawing board and plan an effective strategy that would still keep Ricavi Media growing. So, we decided to target international clients and within a month we closed 3 international clients.

9. How did you overcome/ handle the problems/ challenges faced?

I believe rather than panicking, it’s better to take a day and clear your mind of all the negative thoughts and come back fresh. This helps to get clarity on what is the priority and how you are supposed to solve the issues that you are facing.

10. How did you build your team and how do you ensure they are aligned to the vision?

Our team is built with the people having the right mix of professional skills, and the same vision to help the business grow and flourish.

11. How has COVID 19 affected your business and what measures are you taking to tackle the situation?

The business did see a little setback in initially, due to COVID 19. However, we worked hard and made things work in our favor. This is the reason why Ricavi Media has grown the most during this period, including getting international clients.

12. What keeps you going?

My main source of motivation is the hard work of my team and the feedback from my clients.

13. What are your future plans?

After working with various brands, the start-up, like its name, “Ricavi” or “to obtain”, aims to hit exponential revenues in the coming years.

14. Message for young entrepreneurs

I would like to tell the young entrepreneurs to believe in themselves and keep your vision clear at all times. Only then will you be able to find ways through different obstacles. Even though you never know the outcome of your efforts, take the risk, and if you succeed, well then, it was your day. However, if not, you learn from your mistakes and you move closer to success. Remember, a dream has no age.

We thank Mr. Shadab for taking some time out for the interview and sharing his experience with us.