The Smart Clothing Challenge is a special prize of the IOT/WT Innovation World Cup® powered by AiQ Smart Clothing.

Consumers use more and more wearable technologies in their everyday life. Smart clothing is the next step into the future with endless possibilities to integrate technology into clothing. It’s just a matter of time until everyone wears clothing that is networked in a subtle and intelligent way.

AiQ Smart Clothing has been focusing on bio-signal acquisition, processing, IMU-based human motion acquisition, and analysis for a wide variety of applications in Elderly care, Remote Patient Monitoring, Wellness, Industrial Safety, Rehabilitation, Sports, and VR among others.
AiQ Smart Clothing is a pioneer in this area and has partnered with the Innovation World Cup® Series to look for cutting-edge innovations. This includes completely new textile solutions, fabric, garment engineering, as well as technologies or power systems that can be integrated into an existing piece of clothing.

On top of winning the 12th IOT/WT Innovation World Cup® prizes worth over + 500,000 USD, the winner of the Smart Clothing Challenge powered by AiQ Smart Clothing will be supported to transform their prototype into mass production and aim at high volumes.
Submit your solution FREE OF CHARGE until September 23, 2020 (23:59 PST) and take chance to stand in the 2020/2021 pitch and award ceremony!

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