Training and Development is a subsystem of an organization that emphasizes the improvement of the performance of individuals and groups. Training is an educational process that involves the sharpening of skills, concepts, changing of attitude, and gaining more knowledge to enhance the performance of the employees. Good & efficient training of employees helps in their skills & knowledge development, which eventually helps a company improve.

Up n Rise provides personal growth understanding individual strengths, nurturing one’s true self. 

Today we have Mr. Vijay, with us to share his journey with Up n Rise.

Startup Mind

1. Give us a brief about you, your team, and your start-up.

My varied 16 experience in Educational institutions, NGO, Retail, Tech Corporation helped me build deep insights into Building businesses, Developing people, and Creating lasting impact which leads to my start-up “UP n Rise”.

My experiences in the field of Learning and Development, which includes Culture building, L&D strategies, OD interventions, Process implementations for operations and supply chain, Coaching, TNA initiatives, Content creation, Training deliveries, Implementing Consultative selling skills wi-

-th the right mix of theory, practical and activity-based learning as well as strategy and execution to go with excellent team management skills.

Co-created the Value system for Design Café and Set up, designed, and implemented detailed processes for the operations team from the factory till the last mile. Worked on various assignments on content creation for GE Health care which includes Applied learning games.

Designed and delivered numerous E-learning courses on various topics ranging from Personal & Personality development to Organisational development to Self and Team management to Interpersonal skills and many more.

2. What is the story behind your Start-up?

I founded UP n Rise Learning and Development Pvt Ltd. with the intention of creating a one-stop solution for all L&D interventions. Carrying a vision “To unlock the transformative power of youth & to co-create a future of skilled, progressive and entrepreneurial India”.

All my experiences in this field taught me that it is difficult to get a full-fledged solution at an affordable cost for small to mid-sized companies with regards to the headcount.

I have also learned the importance of Employability still for current times and there are a huge number of people graduating and entering the corporate world is not the deserved position and works only because they are lacking on these skills.

I am one among them and I found my way really hard and I want to make this more affordable and accessible for the next-gen.

3. When did you start? How has been the journey so far?

My company is registered as on 21st Jan 2019, and I have sort of officially started from mid-April 2019, Started with working on enhancing employability skills for students in their final year in both engineering and management education.

The journey is wonderful with lots of ups and downs and a huge learning experience as of now. I am more of getting into action kind of person rather than do a lot of planning and calculations, Hence I have my set of success stories and wonderful learnings.

4. How did you fund your start-up? Also, list out if you have raised any funding so far.

I have started this with an intention of not looking for any funds for the initial years, my work is more of consulting and training which doesn’t need a lot of people and a big setup to start with. Hence funding is not on my mind as of now.

5. How has the business scaled in the last one year? Please support with numbers, if possible.

Business scaled pretty well as expected, but had a sudden decline post the announcement of the pandemic Covid-19.

6. How do you differentiate from your competitors?

Our approach of looking at the problem and methods of solving the same are definite differentiators. We believe in overall holistic solutions, not just quick fixes.

7. What impact has your product/service created in society?

We worked a lot on the behavioral and communication skills enhancement for people that are customer facing and engaging. The companies have highly benefited from the approach of the people that we can see in their commitment and their customer responses.

8. What have been the key challenges so far?

Consistency of budgets by the companies, as many think a behavioral change happens by just conducting a couple of training, companies need to see L&D as an investment for developing teams for the future. Not all think the same way.

Hiring for a start-up is challenging, to get the right skills and mindset is a difficult task.

9. How did you overcome/handle the problems/challenges faced?

I do a lot of work using consultants for where ever I would need some expert help.

10. How did you build your team and how do you ensure they are aligned to the vision?

I am in the process of building my team, and aligning them to the values is quite easy at this stage and my core skill is on culture-building hence I don’t see this as a major challenge.

11. How has COVID 19 affected your business and what measures are you taking to tackle the situation?

All clients just stopped their work as they need to protect themselves as of now, which is very much expected in this industry. The best part is this gave me time to think and work on what would be needed post-COVID-19 situation and we are gearing up for the same. I have started this Initiative called “Rebound” for the same.

12. What keeps you going?

I am super passionate about my work in L&D, every time I am pushed back I will rebound harder. The impact that I wish to create an undying passion for the same is what keeps us going.

13. What are your future plans? 

I working on building a holistic L&D solution for small to mid-sized companies by taking up all the key L&D activities and help them focus on their own key activities, where we are working in collaboration to ensure the productivity is enhanced and deliver results.

I am also working on the initiative called Rebound, wherein I am focusing on Enhancing sales experience and skills for the post-COVID-19 times and also on the First time Entrepreneurs programs.

14. Any Message for the Young Entrepreneurs.

My one-liner would be to always work on your Strengths and Potentials.

I have lately written an Article on Entrepreneurs which I call “There is an Entrepreneur in each one of us”.

We thank Mr. Vijay for taking some time out for the interview and sharing his experience with us.