The world transforms life with a story. That’s the reason we are sharing the success stories of entrepreneurs across India who aim to transform their communities through business.

Today we have with us Mr. Mukul Nimker to share his journey with Piety Services.

1. Give us a brief about you, your team, and your startup.

I am a solopreneur, with a B.Tech degree in Computer Science from IP University Delhi. After gaining more than 6 years of experience in the IT Industry and team management I found my lost passion for programming. The venture that started as a laundry service aggregator is now a complete home service aggregator application.

2. What is the story behind your Startup?

The Startup was a byproduct of a failed attempt of opening a laundry store with friends. Everyone left due to other responsibilities from family, so I continued alone to design a website for the store that I could open after a gap of 1 year. Later the website idea turned into a mobile application and the store turned into aggregation service.

3. When did you start? How has been the journey so far?

The application released in May 2019 in a single city (Delhi) with just two stores and within 6 months of operation, the application had crossed 5 cities and more than 40 stores with approx. 5 orders daily. Currently, the services are active in 9 cities.

4. How did you fund your startup? Also, list out if you have raised any funding so far.

It’s completely bootstrapped with savings being used in google ads rest all the activities are done by self that includes development, testing, marketing, sales, and all other activities that sometimes included delivery as well.

5. How has the business scaled in the last one year? Please support with numbers, if possible.

We have got a great response from both laundry vendors and customers with more than 100 regular customers and daily 50 users. Before the nationwide lockdown due to COVID-19, we were clocking approx. 20 orders daily.

6. How do you differentiate from your competitors?

There are no other laundry aggregator service providers that work on similar models as we are providing complete solutions for customers as well as stores. People can make informed decisions as to which store they would like to place an order and rate them, compare the rate list, and a lot more features that no other application is providing to date.

7. What impact has your product/service created in society?

We have received a lot of good feedback on the application with a 4.3-star rating on the play store. People feel more secure and assured when they book their laundry from our application also they can get their laundries picked on way to the office and get it back while headed towards home.

8. What have been the key challenges sofar?

Laundry business is one of the biggest unorganized sector Industries in India. Gaining the initial trust of the user’s id one of the biggest challenges and getting to understand vendor needs is another one. As most of the laundry aggregator providers are exploitative on vendor end so most of them are reluctant to register on another such platform. Keeping a quality check and delivering on time is another challenge we faced.

9. How did you overcome/handle the problems/challenges faced?

To gain the trust of customers we initially added less but the best store on the application so that we don’t mess up with the timelines and quality. To keep a quality check we kept a regular watch on each order.

To understand the business more, I personally tried my hand in laundry to understand what are the issues faced by store owners. Many challenges we resolved from within the app using multiple checks and regular notification for each order on the admin panel.

10. How did you build your team and how do you ensure they are aligned to the vision?

For 1 year, I worked completely alone handling all the tasks and try looking for a partner with a similar vision when I failed in the attempt, I moved towards the Internship programs and paid programs for college pass outs, freelancers or undergraduates to distribute the task on a monthly or weekly basis.

11. How has COVID 19 affected your business and what measures are you taking to tackle the situation?   

During the lockdown, we have to shut all our stores, although initially, we received orders for the first few weeks we had to cancel all those orders. We utilized our time and energy to renovate our product with lots more new features and its now not only laundry service but a complete home service provider that may include electricians, plumber, saloons, etc.

12. What keeps you going?    

The trust of users motivates me a lot. Within 6 months I have gained a lot of trust from store vendors. The application not only fulfilled my dream by also helping the store owners to reach the limits. Customers have got a platform they can trust.

The startup which was started to fulfill my dream ended up fulfilling the needs of all the store vendors and customers.

13. What are your future plans?

We have just migrated our application form only laundry to all other service booking applications on both the platforms i.e. android and iOS.We are planning to reach every city of the nation in the coming year.

14. Any Message for the Young Entrepreneurs.         

For young people out there I would say, thinking too much will ruin our dreams, Think on, plan on but to the limit where our brain couldn’t trick us to move back to comfort zone. Take Risks, believe in yourself, and give it all.

We thank Mr. Mukul Nimker for taking some time out for the interview and sharing his experience with us.