Sooper Anna is a startup based out of Rajkot which aims to provide fresh, healthy and tasty ready to cook meals. Are you in a dilemma whether all the healthy food is available at affordable pricing? How would you Reap the benefits not only in form of good health but also savings? Well, Sooper Anna is sooper enough to solve this. We have with us  Fonal Pabari to share her journey with Sooper Anna.

  1. About Sooper Anna:

We believe eating fresh, eating healthy, and eating tasty should never be a struggle! Sooper Anna, which translates to Super Foods, is an upcoming ready to cook fresh food brand of DSL Foods in Rajkot, Gujarat. We have taken utmost care in choosing the best quality ingredients in making our products which are healthy and have no added preservatives or artificial flavor.

With a vision to build the most trusted fresh food brand globally, we have set up a high tech semi-automatic batter production unit in the heart of Rajkot which can produce approximately 2000 kgs in a day. Furthermore, our high-quality food materials are packaged in easy-to-store, reusable pouches, ensuring impeccable hygiene and cleanliness.

  1. What problem is Sooper Anna solving?

In this fast-paced world, where fast foods have taken over our eating habits and gut sizes, with time being a luxury, Sooper Anna Foods aims to provide fresh, healthy and tasty ready to cook meals where home quality cooking is done with minimum home work! We are promising a happy healthy meal in just 20 minutes.

  1. “SOOPER ANNA” Family

Sooper Anna family is a 14 member team who come from varied educational & experience backgrounds.

Details of Founder & Story of Sooper Anna: Fonal Pabari is an alumina of Symbiosis Institute of Pune. She has a diverse work experience in banking, product development, marketing, brand creation & consulting. Being a working hustler and a homemaker, found life to be a lot like walking on a tightrope – struggling to balance health, wealth and everything in between. With her driving passion for health as well as efficiency she realized there has to be a midway out – and that’s when her mom’s dear and near to her heart idli dosa batter recipes came to her rescue. And just like that Sooper Anna was born.

Fonal is a total foodie at heart & loves travelling & exploring new geographies to add experiences to her book of life. Her vision is to modify and simplify cooking through Sooper Anna products for everyone who wishes to eat healthy & tasty food but has a scarcity of time in making it. 

  1. When did you start? How has the story been so far?

Sooper Anna started in January 2021 amidst the Covid-19 crises & Rajkot was among the 4 major Covid hit cities in Gujarat. Sooper Anna handled this difficult time by providing free idli, sambar and chutney to almost 5000 people which included Covid patients in government hospitals, people who were under isolation in their houses, front facing staff (Doctors & nurses at government hospitals, Police patrolling staff) & families of Covid patients who travelled to Rajkot from villages around.

We launched in the Rajkot Retail Market by Mid May and have on boarded more 120 Retailers as of now who are selling the Sooper Anna products. We have sold more than 1700 kgs of batter through these 120 stores in the last 25 odd days. The journey has been a mix of humps and straight roads, but our perseverance in selling and consistency of the product quality has helped us grow slowly. We plan to on board more than 200 retailers in the next 25-30 days and enter parts of Saurashtra by mid-July.

  1. How did you fund your start up?

Sooper Anna is a self-funded start up. However we plan to go in for an external funding for growth of the company.

  1. How has the business scaled so far?

Sooper Anna launched its products in retail market in mid may. So far we have sold more than 1700 kgs across 120 retailers. We plan to enter parts of Saurashtra by mid-July and western Gujarat by August 2021

  1. How different is your product from competitors? SOOPER ANNA USPs?

  • Product quality: We make the best batter with 100% excellent quality ingredients. Only RO water used. Which promises the best taste and quality.
  • Shelf life: Our unique recipe which has been approved by CFTRI, Mysore + our best in class zip pouch packaging helps the product stay fresh for 15 whole days.
  • Packaging: We use a high quality sustainable & reusable zip pouches. Which helps them store fresh fruits, vegetables etc.
  • Batter Usage: We manufacture multipurpose batter which can help people make multiple south Indian delicacies like idly, dosa, appam, paniyaram, uttapam, idli dhoklas etc.
  • Additives: Our recipe has no added preservatives or soda. We still promise the most fluffy idlis and crispiest dosas.
  • Production facility: We have set up a best in class semi-automatic production facility, first in Gujarat which can manufacture almost 2000kgs of batter in a day. Our production system has minimum human touch.

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  1. What impact has your product/service created in the society?

  • Sooper Anna today strives to be socially responsible by contributing to the society and needy during difficult times, especially during the pandemic. As a part of CSR, we provide a happy meal experience to either needy people at the home for the aged houses, orphan age homes or slum areas.
  • We use sustainable and re-usable packaging which helps contribute for a longer sustainable goal
  • We promise fresh food, helping all our customers stay healthy by producing best quality product free from any additives/preservatives

  1. What have been the key challenges so far? How are we managing these challenges

  • Challenge: Being a food brand, “trust” is an important factor. Customers are taking time to accept a new entrant in the market
  • Sooper Anna’s response: We are engaging more frequently with end customers to understand their views about the product, their recommendations etc. We are focusing on “try & buy” concept to help the customers try the idlis and purchase the batter instantly
  • Challenge: The market in Gujarat is generally used to a 500 gms packaging, thus the decision of buying a 1kg pack is picking up
  • Sooper Anna’s response: We are creating awareness regarding the unique recipe which gives 15 days shelf life which enables them to store the batter conveniently

  1. How did you build your team? How do you ensure they are aligned to your vision?

We defined the key roles we wanted to hire for. Further we exactly knew the qualitative and quantitative qualities we were looking for in these roles. Thus hired employees who had a great attitude and willingness to work and grow with the company. At Sooper Anna, we have company level KPIs, Department KPIs and further employee level KPIs which helps the employee under his/her role and keeps them aligned to a single goal. We conducted fortnightly meetings to discuss new ideas, issues, competition analysis which helps the entire team in consensus.

  1. How did Covid-19 affect your business? What measures are you taking to tackle the business?

Covid-19 was a blessing in disguise to us, we launched during the peak of the second wave, where it was difficult for customers to even get out and buy groceries. To add ease and convenience we provided free home delivery to customers utilizing the digital channel. This helped us create good ties and word of mouth among the TG

  1. What keeps you going?

The FMCG industry is like a bullet train, it makes you run on a similar speed. Thus keeps the mind fit with need of exploring new ideas & ways to run the business. The passion to make Sooper Anna the best fresh food brand globally makes it easier to accept challenges and keep going

  1. What are your future plans?

We plan to grow geographically & in product range keeping technology in the center. We are building a strong team who brings in specialized expertise in managing key functions like logistics and sales which are the backbone of the FMCG market. Furthermore we plan to enter parts of Saurashtra by mid-July and western Gujarat by September 21. We plan to launch at least 2 new products every quarter.

  1. Message to young entrepreneurs

Anyone can be successful if you do what you love, there are no short cuts for success. Any level of goals are achievable only and only if we drive our energies in the right direction. Sky is limit & so are our energies.

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